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Today’s topic is focused on handleless kitchens. These trendy designs become more and more popular due to their functionality. Some people think it is easier to clean handleless kitchen doors rather than cabinets with handles.  Others share that the functionality is a very individual element.  In other words,  up to the person and his or her preferences regarding the way of cleaning.

For example,  I clean my home daily.  My kitchen doors have handles.  Sometimes it is difficult to perfectly clean the whole surface because I need to be very precise and to pay attention to tiny details where there could be spots and patches.  When I go to my family’s house, the kitchen handleless.  I find it more simple to clean the whole surface in a short time because there is no handle nor details I should be focused on. 

Cleaning handleless kitchen

I cannot see which one I would prefer because I find the advantages of having both kinds of kitchens.  This article is focused on the way we can clean handleless kitchens because the finish requires different methods and cleaning products. When I am at my family’s house  I use soft dusters and dishcloths for cleaning the kitchen doors and shelves.  I create a spray with warm water and vinegar.  Fortunately, my mother makes homemade apple vinegar which is perfect for cleaning purposes, also for eating and drinking.  Thanks to this mixture I can easily clean the matt handleless kitchen doors. 

We all know that matt finish is a little bit more difficult to clean because every time we touch the surface – we leave fingerprints.  Thanks to homemade spray it is possible to clean the doors and the shelves perfectly well. If you want your kitchen to look modern and stylish you really need to spend time cleaning the surfaces because a good appearance should be a priority.  


There are some other tips if you want to create a new look for your handleless kitchen doors.  For example, you can change the cupboards with new ones in a different colour.  Furthermore you can add some extra decorations to the kitchen.  This is an idea that could be on a budget if you know where to find all these decorative items. 

Led light and plants

Putting extra Led light will help you create a modern and stylish look for your handleless kitchen.  You can visit stores such as IKEA, Costco, Bricolage, Jysk and others.  You can find a lot of colourful lights that fit your kitchen interior. Consider adding some houseplants and herbs. It is a viral trend that can help your home and kitchen look stylish.  It is not about the amount of money you’re about to invest but it is up to you and your imagination to make an old handleless kitchen look brand new again. 

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