Choosing the right cabinets is a crucial aspect of creating your stylish new kitchen and can really make or break the final look.

Kitchen cupboards.There are a few aspects to consider when selecting your new kitchen cabinets, and we will explore some of these in more detail.

Pick a door style

This is the first thing visitors to your kitchen will see, as well as the component you will come face to face with most often, so selecting the right door profile is an important place to start. The style and profile of your door will also impact the mood in the rest of the space, and so it is critical to set the tone – do you want something classic and traditional, or to bring the space right up to date? There are four main types of door profiles to choose from – recessed mitre, raised arch, recessed square, or slabs, and each will bring something totally different to your kitchen.

Choose your material

Once you know what style you are looking for, you can start to consider the different materials available – once again, your final selection will have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Solid wood is often a popular choice and can look very striking, but it has the disadvantage of coming with a higher price tag. Cheaper options, such as laminate, melamine, or MDF, can offer that stunning visual impact, without breaking the bank. Your choice of material will depend primarily on budget and preferences, and so is an important consideration.

A pop of colour?

There was a time when kitchen cabinets came in two main types: the natural wood, or a bright, vibrant white. That has long since changed, however, and it is now possible for you to select a door in pretty much any colour you choose!

Form or function?

The needs and requirements of your family will determine the form and function of your cabinets – this includes opting for drawers, choosing a large number of shelves, or even opting for extra-wide, narrow, or corner cabinets to fit a specific space. Consider what you use your kitchen for; are you keen chefs or bakers, and so need plenty of cubby holes to hide ingredients? Maybe you prefer to play with a range of equipment, and so need large cabinets to hold all of your materials? By considering your main uses of the kitchen, you can rest assured that you will design the perfect cabinet solutions which will really work for your family.

Don’t forget the extras!

As well as your standard cabinets, you will also need to consider any extras you may be willing to invest in – features such as handles, quiet-close or even lighting can all help to add that special something, and really make your cabinet unique. Take some time to research ways to help your new features to stand out, and check that they cater to your every need.

Remember, your kitchen cabinets can make or break the final look of the room, as well as providing a practical and functional purpose. By taking a little extra care over your decision, you can build the space you truly love.

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